vrijdag 31 januari 2014

You're not Harry styles (special requested shirt)

People talk shh but we don't listen (special requested shirt)

Lily good vibes (special requested shirt)

Personalized shirts

Cassie & Harry (special requested shirt)

To do list and status of requested shirts

Princess Gracie gaskarth (special requested shirt)

Hey it's alright (special requested shirt)

Special request shirt for becca (@aloha-its-becca)

The whispers screamed special request shirt

She's a grenade special requested shirt

Special requested shirt for Meghan (@stylebymeghan)

Say setting I'm giving up on you special requested shirt

#youcantsitwithus special shirt for Aub (@ashleykchadorian)

Special shirt for Lessi (@hell0reality)

donderdag 30 januari 2014

Official personalized poly shirt request set

I have glitter running trough my veins

I have glitter running trough my veins

Read below please?

Chocolate doesn't ask silly questions chocolate understand

J'etais formidable j'etais formidable ~

You're my everything

You're my everything

Denim shorts
$29 - aeropostale.com

Scotch & Soda leather shoes
$120 - webstore-all.scotch-soda.com

♡ Haters gonna hate ♡